Day: 3

Current Location: Kunming (昆明)

Miles traveled: 1518

Hello from Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring. After taking a car to Lijiang airport where the driver proceeded to shave himself during the trip and flying on a plane where the safety demonstration was still playing as the wheels lifted off the ground, I arrived in Kunming on Monday morning. The day was packed with meetings with old and new friends, and finished with a barbecue stop at 10 p.m. While I’m currently too tired to tell all the stories, I’ll let some of the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you to the people of Kunming for welcoming me for the day and hosting me over the years! Hopefully, next time I’ll come back for longer.

I leave the City of Eternal Spring for the hot pot of Chongqing (pun intended), where I will board a Yangtze River cruise tomorrow night. While it is unclear what the internet situation will be on board the boat, I will try to at least send a post with text tomorrow night, and no pictures. I’ll be back in a city on Thursday night.

Next stop: Chongqing. ETA: Tuesday morning China time.

Enjoy the photos from today below!

Until tomorrow,


(Again, special thanks to Ella for all her support today!)