Welcome to Off the Silk Road! I established this blog in March 2014 and it has taken various forms since then. Originally designed as a repository for reflections during an early school trip to China, it has evolved into chronicling my travels through various parts of China, providing travel advice and sharing aspects of Chinese culture. The name Off the Silk Road is a spinoff of my other blog, Off the Maine Road, featuring less-visited places in the state of Maine.

A little bit about me:

I first visited China in the spring of 2006 while I was living in Hong Kong from 2005 to 2010. Since then, I’ve returned to the country 17 more times, traveling, working and studying. I’m always excited for where the journey will lead me next.

I’m currently an undergraduate student at Middlebury College in Vermont studying East Asian Studies and Geography. My coursework and research interests focus on contemporary Chinese society, ethnic minorities and urban geography. I spent the summer of 2015 on a language intensive program with Where There Be Dragons and have continued to work with their students in China ever since. I also serve on the board of Middlebury’s chapter of Project Pengyou, a national organization promoting U.S.-China relations. I love working with students and facilitating culturally rich and authentic experiences in China.

Enjoy the website!


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