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Today, we woke up very early, because we had to catch the train to Hangzhou. We took the subway to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. When we got to Hangzhou, we met our tour guide named Alice. We first rented bicycles near the West Lake. We rode the bicycles on the banks of the West Lake. After we rode the bicycles, we got on a [human-powered] boat. We all had a great time on the boat! Then we went to eat very authentic Hangzhou cuisine; it was a little spicy. After we ate lunch, we went to Lingyin Temple. We burned incense there. Then we went to a tea plantation to try Longjing Tea [a green tea]. Some people bought tea here. We ate dinner at a hotel close to the Hangzhou Train Station. We returned very late to Shanghai, but everyone thought that Hangzhou was well worth it!20140325-220757.jpg20140325-220804.jpg20140325-220811.jpg



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Patti Renton · March 26, 2014 at 1:26 am

Absolutely gorgeous photos Ben! Sounds like a fabulous day.

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