Welcome to Off the Silk Road! I established this blog in March 2014 (as Benjy in China, later named in June 2015 to Off the Silk Road, to provide insight into Chinese culture from the perspective of a 外国人 (wài guórén; foreigner). I currently live in New York, and have also lived in Hong Kong for five years. During my time there, I had the opportunity to travel all over Asia and China, as well as learn the Chinese language.

In the summer of 2015, I spent six weeks in China’s southwestern Yunnan Province (云南省) immersed in rural and urban life while traveling  and trekking throughout the province.


Here are a few FAQs:

Where does the name Off the Silk Road come from?

In December 2014, I established Off the Maine Road, a blog featuring less-visited places in the state of Maine. Before traveling to China, I renamed what was originally Benjy in China to Off the Silk Road.


Enjoy the website!

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